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Gear Review: O2Fit compression singlet

O2Fit Women's Compression Singlet

Women's O2Fit Compression SingletI’m not the thinnest girl climbing hills. Far, far from it. I also have the sort of chest that needs more than a sports bra or two to help keep things stable up top. I recently searched online for an alternative to Skins or 2XU compression gear. I was pleased to find a relatively new company, 02Fit, selling compression gear without the hefty price tag we’ve come to expect in Australia.

I bought their women’s compression singlet for $A24.95 (including GST AND delivery). It arrived within a few days and I have been blown away from the quality. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much for $24.95, but this is a well-made garment that lives up to its promises and dramatically decreases the jiggle factor.

Unlike other compression singlets or t-shirts I’ve bought in the past, this one is quite long and doesn’t ride up above my hips, exposing flesh that should remain unexposed.

It’s been through the wash a few times now and is not showing any sign of wear or tear.

The only downside is that I have to wear a flowing singlet over the top it because I don’t feel comfortable sharing my jiggle with the world. I’m sure the world is better for not seeing it, too. It’d be great if O2Fit could release a version that offers a flattering, loose top as part of the singlet. They’ve taken my suggestion on board.

I will definitely be buying more from these guys. I’ll try their pants next and perhaps buy another compression singlet.

The sizing chart was clear and it was easy to work out which size I needed to buy.

Did I mention it’s SPF50?

So if you’re in the market for compression gear, would like to reduce the wobble or just enjoy the benefits of compression sportswear, do yourself a favour and pick up a great, well-priced product from a local Aussie company.

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