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Brisbane Ranges National Park

Brisbane Ranges National Park

Information about hiking, trail running and camping in the Brisbane Ranges National Park, home to Victoria’s richest wildflower habitat and the well-marked 65km Burchell Trail.

About the Brisbane Ranges National Park


The Brisbane Ranges are about 80 km west of Melbourne and north of Geelong.


Stieglitz is the nearest town, though there’s not much there.


The Park is only closed during periods of Code Red Fire Danger.


Camping and hiking.


There are two drive-in campgrounds; Boar Gully in the north of the park has six sites and Fridays which has ten sites. Both campgrounds have pit toilets and tank water, but bring your own water as supply is unreliable, particularly during the warmer summer months.

There are also hike in only campgrounds along the Burchell Trail; the Old Mill campground and the Little River campground.

All camp sites must be booked through the Parks Victoria online booking system.


Take the Western Highway from Melbourne and turn off at Bacchus Marsh. From here, follow the Geelong/Bacchus Marsh Road. Turn off at Glenmore Road to access the northern part of the park or at Granite Road to visit Anakie and the southern end of the park. We went there via Little River and only found the Park by accident. It’s not signposted once you get off the Freeway. The second time we went we went via the Geelong bypass to get to the northern part of the park.

Map for getting to the Brisbane Ranges via Werribee or Geelong

Map for getting to the Brisbane Ranges via Werribee or Geelong. Click for more detail.


Call the Parks Victoria office at Bacchus Marsh:

Phone: 03 5366 0000


Picnic tables, camping grounds with pit toilets, water tanks with untreated water, but don’t rely on the tanks to have water available, especially during the hotter months.


170 species of native birds, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, possums and if you’re lucky, sugar gliders and koalas.

Hiking and Trail Running

The Brisbane Ranges offers some magnificent trails for hiking and running in an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Here are some great trails to get you started:

The Burchell Trail is a well-marked trail starting in the northern end of the park through to Stieglitz.


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Brisbane Ranges National Park

  1. Amber Hill says:

    Hi, one of our favourite places to camp is the Brisbane Ranges. We have only really walked the gorge circuit a few years ago. Will check out the others! Cheers!

    1. Sandra says:

      It’s a fab place to hike. I love it year round. The area around Stieglitz is my favourite. Try doing a section of the Burchell Trail. Beautiful!

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