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Preparing for a huge hike when there are no hills in sight

In this guest post from Jim Roose, he shares how he overcame the challenge of training for Mt Kilimanjaro when there were no hills close by to train on. ...

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Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk for Rookies

The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk is a 54 km hike over 3 days. Check out Janet's adventure....

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Hiking with an umbrella

Looking for an umbrella for hiking? I've looked at the benefits of hiking with a brolly and reviewed a couple of trekking umbrellas....

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6 Ways to Stay Healthy While Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping are great ways to reconnect with nature and explore the world, and also helps improve your overall health and wellbeing....

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Metal detecting with kids

Today’s guest post about metal detecting with kids comes from Diane, one-half of the duo behind a cool new metal detecting website, Fossickr. Diane and her family (including her now...

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Hiking alone – things to keep in mind for a solo hiking adventure

When hiking alone, there is no room for external distractions. It's just you and nature. It can be hard to find a hiking companion - someone who shares your goals, pace, and interests, so...

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Gear reviews, Hiking

Osprey Porter 46 Carry-on Backpack

The Osprey Porter 46 carry-on sized backpack is a bloody marvellous backpack. It's durable, has stowable straps, is stylish, practical and comfortable....

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Hiking, Wildlife

Snakes and snake bites – how to avoid them

Snakes are a reality when when hiking in Australia, and as we enter into spring and the great weather draws us out to head for the hills, so too are the snakes waking up from their winter...

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30 Day Challenge, Hiking, Walking

My 30 day walking challenge – Week one review

The first week of my 30 day walking challenge is done and I’m pleased to report that I’ve walked every day for at least thirty minutes. I walked every day with my son and most...

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30 Day Challenge, Walking

My 30 day walking challenge

This September and to kick off a big fat welcome to spring in Melbourne, I am going to walk for at least 30 minutes every single day outdoors, regardless of the weather or whatever is going...

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