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Cherry Lake Altona

Cherry Lake - family-friendly hikes west of Melbourne

Walking around Cherry Lake Altona with a toddler in the backpackAbout Cherry Lake Altona

Cherry Lake Altona features a very easy, flat 3.5km sealed walking trail around wetlands. It’s perfect for the pram.

There’s also a kid’s playground and covered picnic area next to the main car park. The play equipment is quite low to the ground so good for the little ones. The playground has a beginners skate and bike park as part of the playground with some low ramps. There’s also some toilets there and water taps.

This is a very family-friendly place to walk and play, though you  need to be vigilant around the water as the lake’s edge is quite close to the playground.

The sealed path around Cherry Lake AltonaI wondered why it was called Cherry Lake. There are no cherry trees and the shape of the lake looks nothing like a cherry. I later found out that it was renamed from Altona Swamp to Cherry Lake after Robert Cherry, a local farmer and landowner in the late 1800s.

In the 1960s a flood retarding basin was created in the swamp to protect the growing population of Altona from flooding. Today it is managed by Melbourne Water.

The lake provides a habitat for plenty of birds. We saw a lot of black swans and pelicans on our walk.

People use the lake for canoeing, fishing and windsurfing and other water activities.

The downside to the walk around the lake is the industrial view of the factories and the path on the far side of the lake feels quite isolated.

Dog friendly!

The park is dog-friendly, as long as your dog is on a leash. There are many bins and poo bag stations around the lake. Unlike my stingy council in Wyndham, Hobsons Bay council provides their community with much better facilities and amenity. I saw only one poo on the path whereas if you walk anywhere in Wyndham, you’re constantly navigating your way around the stinky land mines because they don’t provide poo bags or bins on walking trails like Skeleton Creek. I also saw at least one water station.

Trees at Cherry Lake AltonaGetting there

By car

Cherry Lake is about 15km from the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Entry to Cherry Lake Altona, is off Millers Road, between Kororoit Creek Road and Civic Parade, Altona.

The Melways reference is 53 K9.

You can also access the lake from Fresno Street, Altona,  from Civic Parade.

 By public transport

Cherry Lake Altona is about a 15 minute walk from either Seaholme or Altona train stations.

By bike

The Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail connects to Cherry Lake via the eastern side of Millers Road. 

Fishing at Cherry Lake AltonaThe walk

Distance: 3.5km
Time: 45 mins approx
(This is wearing a backpack carrier with a toddler on board)
Elevation: a massive 5 metres!

Cherry Lake Altona walk

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