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Early morning strolls in Bali

The immaculate beach along the waterfront, Nusa Dua, Bali
Wild Earth

Alex is in his crappy, el-cheapo $19 KMart strollerWe went to Bali, Indonesia last week, taking advantage of cheap flights available from Melbourne. It was all a bit last minute. I was hesitant to go after the nightmare of travelling with The Monsta 12 months ago to Vietnam and Korea, but TJ wore me down…

I’m sooo glad we went. The Monsta was such a good traveller this time. The flight was much shorter, he slept well on the plane (there and back), ate well, slept well and had a wonderful time playing in the pool and at the beach every day we were there.

We stayed in Nusa Dua at a resort called Sol Beach House Hotel Benoa. The accommodation was great. It wasn’t five star, but the room was large and clean and didn’t have that damp, musty smell that so often permeates hotels in the tropics. The staff were friendly, SUPER friendly, and the facilities were more than just adequate.

In the morning, we woke up The Monsta woke us up early so we’d start our day with a stroll along the beachfront, past the lush lawns of the five-star resorts and the beach umbrellas, standing to attention and patiently waiting for the day’s beachgoers to arrive.

There’s a sealed path along the beachfront that’s ideal for walking or jogging and dodging the occasional scooter.  Most days we followed the path south for about 1.5km to 2km before turning around and walking back. Most of the path is sheltered from the sun and kept cool by the canopy of trees maintained by the resorts. Resort staff are everywhere, picking up errant leaves and straightening deck cushions so we don’t suddenly think we’ve stumbled out of a perfect paradise.

Wild Earth

Uh oh, no Poco!

The red mistake - taking the stroller instead of the backpackWe made a bit of a mistake this trip. Instead of packing The Monsta in our Osprey Poco Premium Backpack, we instead brought our cheap $19 stroller from Kmart. As TJ always says, “Cheaper, is cheaper”.

The handles were too short, especially for him, and he had to hunch over to push the thing. The poor Monsta got jiggled and jolted by the uneven paving, but he didn’t seem to mind. Every so often, we had to lift him over concrete pillars, put there to stop the scooters riding down the path. Oh how we missed our Poco! We really missed the ease of stuffing The Monsta into the backpack carrier.

I also wish I had read this review of the best lightweight strollers because one of these would have been perfect for our Bali trip.

Walk details

Nusa Dua Bali Beachfront Walk

Distance: 3.3km
Time: 45 minutes (I forgot to stop recording our stroll when we went to breakfast, blowing out the time for the last 300m
Grade: Easy
Elevation gain: 9m
Elevation loss: 9m
Starts and finishes: Sol Beach House Hotel, Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
Family friendly :)

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