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MacKenzie Falls Walks

MacKenzie Falls waterfall in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia

Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park is the largest and most spectacular waterfall in the Grampians. Thanks to regular rainfall, Mackenzie Falls is the only year-round waterfall in the region (though sometimes in summer it might be just a trickle).

It’s really worth a visit and a short drive from Halls Gap.

There are two ways to view the falls via short walks:

  1. Mackenzie Falls Lookout Walk
    An easy stroll through the bush to a viewing platform where you can see the falls from the top of the gorge and take in breathtaking views of the region.
  2. MacKenzie Falls Walk
    A short but steep and streneous walk down steps to sthe spectacular falls from the base – then back up the same steps to return to the car park.

Getting there- Mackenzie Falls Grampians

From Halls Gap, take the Northern Grampians Road and follow the signposts. It’s about an 18 km windy drive from the Halls Gap Visitor Information Centre. That’s windy as in a winding road, not windy as in blowing a gale.

It takes less than 25 minutes to get to the Mackenzie Falls car park. Both walks depart from here.

Mackenzie Falls, The Grampians, Australia - two walks

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1. MacKenzie Falls Lookout Walk

Distance: 2 km return
Time: 40 minutes (including viewing time)
Elevation: Only 10 metres
Grade: Easy
Track condition: Good
Family-friendly: Yes, pram friendly
Dog-friendly: Nope, leave Fido at home
Permits: No permits or payment required
Facilities: Picnic tables, toilets and baby change facilities, disabled access, but bring your own water
Location: MacKenzie Falls car park, Mt Victory Road, Halls Gap, Victoria

If you can’t make the more strenuous walk to the base of the falls, this is your best alternative. The MacKenzie Falls Lookout Walk is a lovely, sheltered walk through the bush that takes you to the picturesque viewing platform called ‘The Bluff Lookout’. You’ll love it!

The walking track is sealed, making it pram and wheelchair accessible.

From the Bluff Lookout, you can take in the amazing views of MacKenzie Falls and the MacKenzie River from high above the gorge. You’ll see the multiple cascades of the MacKenzie River as it flows through the gorge. It’s stunning. It’s really hard to get lost on this walk unles you leave the strack. Simply follow the signs from the car park (and the other herd of tourists!)

MacKenzie Falls, Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia

2. MacKenzie Falls Walk

Distance: 2km return
Time: 1 hour+
Elevation: 110 metres
Grade: Easy – to Broken Falls lookout, then medium – to base of MacKenzie Falls
Track condition: Good
Family friendly: The walk to Broken Falls Lookout is fine with little people, but unless you’re carrying a toddler in a backpack or prepared to carry them up the stairs, the steps will be too challenging for them. Suitable for older kids.
Dog friendly: No, dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Grampians National Park
Permits: No permits or payment required
Facilities: Picnic tables, toilets and baby change facilities, disabled access, but bring your own water
Location: MacKenzie Falls car park, Mountry Road, Halls Gap, Victoria

This walk is well-signposted and you won’t get lost if you stay on the track.

Follow the signs from the car park to Broken Falls Lookout where you’ll take in a sweeping view of the MacKenzie River and Broken Falls.

After visiting the Broken Falls Lookout, return to the main track intersection and continue to the base of MacKenzie Falls via Cranages Lookout.

There are plenty of steps to smash your quads walk down and they might be slippery, particularly after rain. So take care! They’re also quite strenuous on the old knees. Return via the same route. Up, up, up! It’s guaranteed to get your heart beating.

Don’t bother bringing your togs, you’re not allowed to swim at the base of the falls.

Tips for visiting Mackenzie Falls

Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to Mackenzie Falls:

  • Plan to get do the walk early in the day because the car park fills up quickly, especially during peak vistitor periods. To avoid the crowds, don’t visit it during peak times.
  • Some people will find the steep walk back up a challenge so if you need to, take a short break at one of the lookouts along the way and catch your breath.
  • Parks Victoria doesn’t allow you swim at the falls. The water conditions can be dangerous and people have drowned there in the past. Enjoy a picnic by the falls instead.
  • If there has been a big downpour, access to the base of the falls might be closed if the falls area is flooded.
  • On Code Red Fire Danger days, the Grampians (including Mackenzie Falls) might be closed for public safety.

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