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You Yangs Walk – Big Rock Kurrajong Circuit

You Yangs Walk - Big Rock and Kurrajong Circuit

You Yangs Walk - very dog-friendlyYou Yangs walk overview

Distance: 8km
Time: 2.5 hours (including a 20 min snack break)
Grade: Easy – moderate. Well sign-posted until the Saddle turn off. Most of the elevation gained is in the first 4km.
Elevation gain: 136m
Elevation loss: 136m
Starts and finishes: Park Office car park near the Park entry

Family friendly 🙂

Dog friendly, too 🙂

About the You Yangs

For more information on the You Yangs walks and maps, see the previous post on the You Yangs Regional Park.


There are toilets at the start at the Park Office and there are also toilets at the Big Rock picnic area.

You Yangs Walk - where do we go now?Directions

Find the track to Big Rock behind the carpark. It’s only about a kilometre from the car park to Big Rock. At the track junction at Big Rock, we chose the path to the left. You can take either track – you’ll end up in the Big Rock picnic area.

Next, follow the signs to Flinders Peak on the other side of the Big Rock car park – take Contour Track. Turn left at the junction with Rockwell Road and walk towards the Saddle (not towards Flinders Peak).

About 300m before the Saddle there’s a track junction. Take the road to the left and follow it to the outer boundary of the Park and along Fence Road for a short stretch before joining Great Circle Drive. Keep walking for several kilometres along Great Circle Drive and across over Robins Road and Kurrajong Avenue.  Note how evenly the rows of trees are planted.

We turned off at the next track junction to get off the road. The road was veering left onto Great Circle Track and we thought away from the car park so we took the non-vehicle track straight ahead. There were quite a few cars going past so it was time to get a bit more bushy. We continued south along this unnamed track almost to the park boundary.

You Yangs Walk - all tuckered outWe turned left and followed a track almost parallel to the main road back to the Ranger’s Station and our cars.

My little backpack companion was all tuckered out.

Map and splits for the You Yangs walk

You Yangs Walk - Big Rock and Kurrajong Circuit


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