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The Pinnacle Walk, Grampians

The Pinnacle Walk - Looking out across the magnificent Grampians

The Pinnacle is a rocky spur jutting out from the sandstone cliff faces in The Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia. You can see The Pinnacle from Halls Gap.

There are two ways to reach The Pinnacle and both are worth the magnificent scenic views sweeping across The Grampians and below to Lake Bellfield and Halls Gap. One is a shorter, easier walk. The other is a more challenging walk.

We decided to go to The Grampians as a last minute Easter break trip. This meant the nearest accommodation we could score was in Ararat at The Pyrenees caravan park. Our tent was so close to the train tracks – let’s say it was a bit scary the first time we heard it. It was LOUD and the ground beneath the tent shook.

Halls Gap was so busy, with many tourists in town taking advantage of the four-day break, too. This also meant that the walk and the Pinnacle viewing area was crowded, too. For a better experience, I recommend visiting during non-peak times.

It was crowded at The Pinnacle when we visited over Easter. But it’s still one of the best Grampians activities you can do. 

You don’t need permits for these walks or to enter the National Park. 

Be cautious and always stay behind the barriers. That perfect selfie is not worth dying for. 

Stay safe while hiking The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle from Sundial carpark

Me, posing

The easiest walk to The Pinnacle starts from Sundial Carkpark via Devils Gap. This is the route to choose if you’re hiking with young kids. 

It’s a 4.2 km Grade 3 walk that will take up to about two hours return with small kids. 

The terrain varies and there are some water crossings, so we recommend trail shoes or hiking boots for this hike. You’ll need the extra support normal runners just don’t give. 

Keep an eye out for native wildlife. If you’re hiking at a non-peak time, you’ll have more chance of seeing kangaroos, maybe koalas and echidnas. And of course, snakes!

The Pinnacle from the Wonderland carpark

The Pinnacle Walk Sign
Well-marked trails

If you’re after a more challenging ascent to The Pinnacles via the Grand Canyon, the walk that starts at the Wonderland carpark is your best choice. This is the walk we did. It’s well signposted and we didn’t veer off course at all. 

Wear sturdy shoes. We don’t recommend this walk for small children. 

Gorgeous views

The Grand Canyon offers stunning views of The Grampians unique rock formations. You might even get to see Bridal Veil Falls in action after rain. 

Continue to the Pinnacle via the Silent Forest, which is like a narrow mini gorge.  

Enjoy those amazing views!

Lakeview Lookout, The Grampians

Halls Gap to The Pinnacle walk

Want an even more challenging walk?

You can start your walk to The Pinnacles from Halls Gap itself. It’s a reasonably hard 8.4km, 4-5 hour hike.

Get more details from the Walking Maps website.

Tips for hiking at The Pinnacle at The Grampians

So very, very Grampians
  • Take enough water and snacks. If you’re going via the Wonderland carpark, you might be able to refill at the Falls, but don’t rely on it. 
  • Parts of the walk are exposed so sunscreen and hat is a must. Wear insect repellent in the warmer months. 
  • Some of the track markers are faded and might be hard to find.
  • Wear proper, sturdy trail or hiking shoes. 
  • Visit during off-peak times for a more peaceful hiking experience.

How high is The Pinnacle?

The Pinnacle is about 720 metres above sea level.

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