Bucket list hike: Overland Track, Tasmania

Bucket lists and hiking

Machu Picchu

Me after  a one-day mountain bike ride and  three-day hike to Machu Picchu in 2012. Sadly I had food poisoning on the last day, the final climb from Agua Caliente. Bleurgh!!!

I love a good bucket list. They give you a good insight into someone’s personality and between ‘learn another language’ and ‘find world peace’ you can usually find great hikes on a bucket list.

A quick search for bucket lists shows that hikes like the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro (one of the highest walkable peaks in the world) and Everest Base Camp are prevalent.

Bucket lists and hiking go hand in hand. So what draws people to want to tick the great walks of the world off their bucket list?

Bucket list hikes often contain the exhilarating elements of travel, cultural experience, and physical challenge that combine for one hell of an adventure.

Here’s a collection of bucket list hikes from different bloggers, both global and local.

Bucket list hikes from around the world

Grand Nepal

Me in the Dhulikhel region of Nepal in 2007.

It’s certainly not hard to find great hikes around the world to put on your bucket list. Culling the list to something you could actually achieve is the challenge.

Best Hiking Routes Around The World Bucket List

Antonio Cala from the ‘Adventure Junkies’ blog has put together a fascinating collection of bucket list hikes, some I’d never heard of before. He has delicious photos to go with each hike on his bucket list. From South America to Africa to Tasmania and the USA, there are some challenging multi-day hikes on his list. Note: he has Mt Kenya instead of Mt Kilimanjaro on his bucket list, proving my theory wrong.

25 Best hikes in the world to put on your bucket list

Aha! Here’s a list of world hikes that includes Mt Kilimanjaro. And what an awesome list it is. There are 25 hikes from around the world on this bucket list by Esther and Jacob, from the ‘Local Adventurer‘ blog.  Machu Picchu also makes the list, as does Everest Base Camp. Perhaps my theory wasn’t so wrong after all? Anyway, this is a great bucket list, sure to inspire you and lots of nice eye candy.

Australian bucket lists

Great Ocean Walk sign looking over the Apostles

I ticked the Great Ocean Walk off my bucket list in November 2012, just before I become pregnant with Mr Alex. Not a lot of hiking since then.

And now for some bucket list hikes with a bit more of a local spin.

Hiking bucket list

Annie from the blog ‘GabAbout Hiking’ has put together a list 20 hikes around Sydney and beyond. By beyond, about as far away as the Tongariro Northern Circuit in New Zealand. It’s good to see a list that has lots of local and interstate hikes on it. It makes it feel like a ‘real’ bucket list that is actually achievable, not just dreamable.

Weekend Notes – Bucket list hikes in south-east Queensland

Roy Chambers of the ‘Weekend Notes‘ blog has selected five challenging day walks in south-east Queensland that you must be physically fit for before attempting any of them. There are hikes in Lamington National Park, the Gold Coast Hinterland and in the Glass House Mountains.  Mt Greville looks particularly ancient and amazing.

Any tips for hiking in humid climes? Starting early and staying hydrated are obvious ones, but I’m afraid I’d melt up a mountain.

6 spectacular hikes in Australia

Traveller Megan Clair from ‘Mapping Megan‘ guest posts on the ‘Roots Traveller’ blog outlining six bucket list hikes to do in Australia. She chose well. Larapinta, Cape to Cape, the Great Ocean Walk, Maria Island, the Overland Track and the Blue Mountains.

My Bucket List Hikes – Victoria

A simple but very achievable list of three bucket list hikes in my home state of Victoria. Sam from the I Heart Hiking blog has chosen three hikes that are (or were!) on my bucket list. She has great taste 😉

Hiking, travel and other adventurous bucket lists

My ultimate bucket list

Myriam from the ‘Off to Wanderland‘ blog has put together her bucket list that mixes travel, hiking and other adventures. It’s nice to see that she has broken down her bucket list into what she thinks are realistic goals and those that are dreamable. It requires a lot more thought to put together a bucket list that’s achievable.

Top 5 family adventure bucket list

I love this collection of family adventures on the ‘Happy Travels with Kids blog. Cycling, a safari, dog sledding, road tripping and hiking, I can really relate to this family’s bucket list of adventures, and in fact, they’re pretty much the same.

5 Non-hiking outdoor adventures that are on my bucket list

Neil from one of my favourite hiking blogs, BushwalkingBlog, has put together a bucket list of adventures that don’t involve hiking. But they are still very much outdoorsy.

My bucket list of hikes

Jeju Olle Track

I walked some of the Jeju Olle track in South Korea in 2009. I will one day walk all 200km of the Jeju Olle.

Okay, so people have freely shown theirs, it’s time to show mine. I’ll limit it five per category and only include hikes that I realistically think I will do one day.

In Australia, my bucket list of hikes includes:

  • Larapinta Trail, NT
  • Wilson’s Prom Great Circuit Walk, VIC
  • The new Grampians trail when it’s completed, VIC
  • Fraser Island Great Walk, QLD
  • Overland Track, TAS

And globally, my bucket list of hikes includes:

  • Anapurna Circuit, Nepal
  • Mt Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Slovenia to Italy
  • The Laugavegur Trek, Iceland
  • Jeju Island Olle, South Korea

Now it’s time for you to share. What are your bucket list hikes?


  1. Found your blog via ProBlogger.

    My country, the Philippines, also has a lot of cool hiking places. 🙂 Great link post! I wanna hike Mt. Kota Kinabalu too. 🙂

    • I LOVED the Philippines. I went there for my honeymoon and spent 10 days in Cebu 🙂 I’d love to go back. There’s so many great places to see there. How do you manage hiking in the humid weather?

  2. I intend to do the Larapinta walk someday. But there’s so many things on ‘my list’ I’m not sure when that day will be! (Came via Mammalovestravel)

  3. Hi Sandra – I found your blog from the ProBlogger podcast day 7 comments. I love what you did with the link post here. A great inspiration for me as I am just starting to put my blog together. I’ll look forward to following you.

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