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Argh! I broke my toe! How to enjoy the outdoors when you can’t walk

How to enjoy the outdoors when you're injured and can't walk.

A few weeks ago I dropped a fire extinguisher on my foot and broke my toe. There wasn’t even a fire! It wouldn’t have been so bad except the fire extinguisher landed on my right foot – my driving foot.

Initially, I enjoyed the break (no pun intended!) and relaxed at home. But three weeks later, I’m going stir crazy. I’m itching to get back out into nature and go hiking. But I can’t even wear shoes yet and it will be a couple more weeks before I’ll be ready to start walking again.

I’ve started thinking about how to enjoy the outdoors when you can’t walk so here are some things I’m going to do to get my outdoors fix at home or somewhere local.

  • Watch a movie about hiking – I watched ‘Wild‘ last night about a woman solo hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in search of self-discovery and to overcome the grief she felt after a personal tragedy. It was OK but it did leave me wanting to go on an epic hike.
  • Read a book about hiking – I’ve started reading ‘Tracks‘ about a woman’s journey across central Australia with camels. I hate camels! They’re smelly and cranky and they spit. I hope she likes camels more than I do.
  • Cycling – I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to  do it. I worry about having to put pressure on my foot or suddenly having to put my foot down. But a gentle ride along the creek near my house might be OK.
  • Gardening – I can spend a bit of time in our backyard doing some gardening, getting dirty and enjoying watching the little guy run around in a safe, contained environment where I won’t have to hobble after him on one of his perilous escapes.
  • Join a hiking forum – I joined the Bushwalk Australia forum to hike vicariously through others. It’s great that there’s such an active forum for Australian hikers. It leaves me wondering why I didn’t join up earlier.
  • Look at photos from old hiking trips and feel nostalgic.  I looked at my Great Ocean Walk photos and they made me pine for the days of sore, aching muscles and feeling a sense of achievement.

Do you have any suggestions for me? What would you do for an outdoor fix if you couldn’t get outdoors for a while?

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