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I gave my gym the boot

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My gym membership at Goodlife expired on Christmas Day. I bought a foundation membership from a friend who moved to sunny Queensland a few years ago. It was a pretty sweet deal – $550 per year + 3 months extra. That’s less than $9 per week. Who can get a gym membership for that these days?

When I asked to renew my membership, I was told that I would only be offered one month extra because “the whole system has changed”. I was expected to change with it. Apparently the sweetest membership deal I could get as a new member was around $849 per year so my $550 deal was still pretty sweet, right? I told the young man that it wasn’t about the money. I’m not poor. It’s the principle. I’d rather spend double and sign up across the road at Anytime Fitness than pay money to a company that won’t honour the original agreement of a foundation membership.

I decided to escalate my complaint to the higher power of Facebook.

It took almost two weeks for them to respond to my post. The posts before and after were answered. My lonely post needed a bump but still no love from Goodlife HQ. Finally, a response! Not the one that I was hoping for – that I could have my sweet sweet deal, but that the manager would call me.

And call he did. He told me that I “wasn’t being hard done by” with the new membership arrangements and that the last time I renewed my membership I “got away with something”!!! That I was “looked after” by a staff member. He allegedly made it quite clear that I had done something dodgy. Ummm, no, the staff member who renewed my membership gave me exactly what I was supposed to get. 12 months plus 3 months free. He then started to rattle off the weekly rate of what I’d be paying now compared to before and how he’d received a few complaints from foundation members but only one decided not to renew (at least two now) but my mind was still stuck on his audacity to say that I got away with something.

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I knew it was futile to argue with him. His tone of voice told me he wasn’t interested in negotiating. He sounded exasperated, bordering on rude because he couldn’t convince me that I wasn’t being hard done by. He wouldn’t honour the original foundation membership agreement. I thanked him for his time and said that I choose to cease my relationship with Goodlie. Oh, that was a brilliant typo, no?

The outcome? Wonderful. I will spend more time exercising in our great outdoors with its harsh rain, heat, humidity and cold. No more air-con to protect me from the 40 degree days. No more roof to keep out the rain. No more heating to take the chill off the winter air. And isn’t that wonderful?

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