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Korea’s bushfire alert system

Bushfire alert tower in Korea

Bushfire alert tower monitoring for smoke around the neighbouring hills

Can we have these in Australia, pretty please?

As someone who is nervous about getting caught out by a bushfire while hiking, Korea’s bushfire alert system provides some comfort when heading to their hills.

On a recent trip to South Korea and while hiking in the Song Kang area of Daejon, I was pleased to see this tower on a modest summit. It’s like a giant smoke detector. It’s a solar powered station featuring CCTVs that look for smoke from neighbouring mountains and alert people in the area if smoke is detected.

There are clearly marked rally and information points such as these where if you see something, you can alert the authorities and they’ll know exactly where you are:

Wild Earth
Bushfire alert station

Bushfire alert station

What a great idea! Koreans love to hike and on the weekends the mountains are jam-packed full of hikers and as a compact nation, these systems are quite feasible. I imagine the vastness of Australia’s wilderness and much smaller number of hikers make these kinds of systems comparatively unaffordable. But still, on popular routes like the Great Ocean Walk or in the Dandenongs around the 1000 steps, these could be very useful.

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