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Searching for self, literally, not figuratively!

Ofaerufoss waterfall in Eldgja canyon, Iceland highlands

A  news story from 2012 recently caught my attention: Missing woman unwittingly joins search party looking for herself

A group of tourists were near Iceland’s Eldgja canyon, travelling on a tour bus. They stopped near the volcanic canyon and one of the tourists left the bus to change her clothes and freshened up. Upon her return, her tour mates didn’t recognise the womanand reported her missing.

More than fifty people searched the area on foot and in vehicles. They spent hours into the night looking for the “missing” woman who apparently didn’t recognise the description of herself. Neither did her busmates. She joined in the search.

Even the coast guard was getting ready to join the search party with a helicopter.

The search was called off at around 3am when a member of the tour group recognised the woman from the description as being the woman who left the bus earlier that day and changed her clothes.

Wild Earth

How funny that the missing woman didn’t recognise the description of herself. I wish the article mentioned what she wearing and what she changed into. I suppose if you know that you’re not missing, you’re not going to be the first person you think of when someone tells you a person is missing person.

I wonder if her busmates spoke to her for the rest of the tour… ?

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